Dynamic Field Service Management − completely without Excel and media breaks

No more headaches when planning your service technicians and executing on-site assignments − manage all aspects and challenges of your mobile workforce

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Your challenges today

Service center

  • Unfocused, time-consuming planning and scheduling of service technicians using various programs and methods

  • Lack of insight into the field service activities of your service staff ultimately leads to dissatisfied customers

Service manager

  • Optimizable service processes with a lack of automation

  • No access to resource locations and service performance

  • Poor training and instruction of new employees resulting in poor quality and low resolution rates

SAP FSM Field Service Management Old World IBsolution

Board of Directors

  • High costs due to inefficient service processes and poor reporting capabilities

  • Long processing times lead to delayed service billing

Field service technician

  • Stressful and overcrowded daily routine due to the constant search for files and papers and the resulting helplessness in case of difficult problems/customer requests
  • Unnecessarily high hourly expenditure by the high traffic, long working hours and different tasks

Is your Field Service Management inefficient and time consuming?

Do your field service employees always have the right information in the right place?

What can be better tomorrow

Service center

  • You gain insight into the activities of your service staff on site, thereby increasing service efficiency and offering your customers the best possible experience with your service

  • This enables you to have transparent processes, regardless of location

Service manager

  • They have improved and more controlled service delivery and back-office processes, automating the scheduling and assignment of service orders

  • This helps you reduce service costs and optimize customer loyalty and satisfaction

SAP FSM Field Service Management New World IBsolution

Board of Directors

  • You gain more efficiency in your service department through an optimized billing process and improved metrics

  • Now you can use your service requests for more cross- and upselling opportunities

Field service technician

  • You can access schedules, service routes and directions with just a few clicks

  • All critical information is on your mobile device long before you arrive at the service location

  • You upload your reports, work hours and expenses, and the cumbersome paperwork of the past is completely eliminated

Always be one step ahead and gain time for the really important things.

SAP Field Service Management and Digital Work Order Management are the best ways to control your mobile service technicians.

Board of Directors

Monitor your service KPIs with customized dashboards and reports


View of your customers, products, tickets and employees

- 8 %

Service costs

- 25 %

Recovery costs

Get a holistic overview of your employees' field service activities with the Analytics Cockpit. Get an idea of what works and what doesn't work in your service department. Then translate these insights into measures to increase your customer satisfaction in the long term and generate additional revenue.

Service center

Avoid stress in scheduling through automation and transparency

57 %

of all incoming requests must be assigned to a service employee for processing

92 %

Success rate in meeting response times

+ 25 %

First resolution rate through access to all relevant information

The simple drag & drop planning board simplifies the overview and reduces your time spent on resource planning. The assignment of technicians and their activities has never been easier. The Workforce Scheduling tool ensures that the most suitable employee is assigned to the respective location - in line with his or her specialist skills and geographical proximity.

Field service technician

A mobile app supports you during the entire service assignment

+ 90 %


+ 60 %

On-site lead generation

+ 12 %


Access to relevant service, product and customer information means that you always have all the information you need at your fingertips when you're on the road. With the touch of a finger you can view customer reports, spare parts availability, service checklists and much more. This not only improves your speed and efficiency, but also gives you more time to concentrate on the essentials.

Service manager

Maximize the availability of your resources

+ 19 %

Service revenues

$5 billion

Market volume for field services

84 %

of all necessary spare parts are available

It is not always easy for the sales force to take unexpected variables into account. Truck breakdowns, employee illness and extended site visits can lead to costly delays and disgruntled customers. With automated real-time scheduling, you can plan and allocate your available resources more efficiently. This increases the efficiency of your department while reducing costs.

SAP Field Service Management modules

Crowd Service

Crowd Service

Field Service Analytics

Field Service Analytics

Customer Self Service

Customer Self-Service

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Workorder Management

Work Order Management

Workforce Scheduling & Dispatching

Workforce Scheduling & Dispatching

Mobile App

Mobile App

Integrations & Cloud

Integrations & Cloud

Consulting Packages

FSM_Pakete_IBsolution_de (1)-1



Starter Package for SAP Field Service Management

With our IBsolution Starter Package for SAP Field Service Management you will gain a dynamic Field Service Management without Excel, e-mail and media breaks - and that only in 6 weeks!

Find out today how to control your mobile service technician most efficiently.

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Fact & Figures

+ 50 %


+ 65 %

Instant repairs

81 %

Compliance with SLAs

+ 29 %

Assignments per employee

- 20 %

Service costs

- 35 %

Travel time

- 30 %

Fuel costs

6 months

Return on investment (ROI)

What customers say about SAP Field Service Management

"Since the introduction of SAP Field Service Management, we have already been able to generate 60% more leads. This results in additional revenue from higher-level service revenue, training and consumables."

Director of Global Customer Service

"The expectations of our customers are constantly rising. SAP Field Service Management/Coresystems enables us to respond to our customers' needs in real time."

Direktor of IT Operations

"By using Coresystems/SAP Fieldservice Management Software we are able to massively accelerate the training of our new employees. This is an essential factor for the expansion and success of our sales organization."

Director Strategic Accounts

"With us, the business processes run much faster than usual - and the most important thing is that the processes run without errors. That is a real added value."

Managing Director

"We had three different databases that delivered independently and were not integrated. Engineers used handwritten notes. We realized that we needed a better solution for this - and it paid off."

Finance Manager

"We have already been able to reduce the time between service provision and invoicing from several weeks to 6 days for more than 50% of our customer inquiries."

Head of IT

"Since I have been working with the mobile application from Coresystems, a lot has improved for me: I am much faster in creating service orders or finding spare parts. I can see at a glance what my colleague did during his last visit to the customer, what work he did on the machine and what the exact problem was."

Service Technician

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