SAP Integration Suite

Consolidate your business applications on a uniform platform and benefit from countless ready-made function modules


Multiple integration scenarios

Link processes and data using both application-to-application and business-to-business integration scenarios. 

API management

Use standardized APIs for fast and efficient integration of SAP and non-SAP applications.

Pre-packaged content

Use ready-made integration content to start integration projects and become productive quickly.

Custom integration

Extend preconfigured integration scenarios for your individual requirements.

Redesign interfaces with SAP Integration Suite

Many customers have developed complex integration scenarios across applications and processes. Numerous interfaces have been defined and implemented.

Due to current developments and new innovative requirements, companies are faced with the challenge of lifting complex integrations onto a new promising technological platform in a state-of-the-art, risk-minimized and high-performance manner, which is usually available as a cloud application.

When moving from on-premise to the cloud, it is important to develop a sound architectural design and integration strategy. The IT department is confronted with questioning the existing system integration − usually with SAP PI/PO − and migrating existing interfaces and redesigning them for use with SAP Integration Suite. Outsourcing these tasks to external service providers is often a sensible alternative because the integration and operation of implemented interfaces is very time-consuming.

We support you in evaluating whether and how you can make a sensible and successful switch from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite.

Particularly advantageous after the successful migration is the integration of SAP cloud systems, for which there are a large number of ready-made scenarios and interfaces. We place a special focus on the integration of SAP Hybris C4C and SAP FSM with on-premise systems such as SAP ERP.

Based on our experience from numerous projects, we can reliably assess which content actually works “out of the box” and where high additional effort and individual adjustments are necessary.

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Our Integration Packages

Redesign Package for SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite

Hand writing in a modern office on a clipboardMake your interfaces future-proof

With our Redesign Package for SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite you migrate your middleware from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite. You can choose between various individual packages that focus on analysis, redesign and training. Alternatively, you can also obtain all individual offers as a complete package at a fixed price.

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Enablement Package for SAP C4C Business Partner Conversion

Salesman shaking hands with client with contract on the coffee tableEnsure integration between SAP C4C and your ERP system in the course of SAP Business Partner implementation

With our Enablement Package for SAP C4C Business Partner Conversion, we support you during the changeover to SAP Business Partner, provide the right services for the migration and ensure a functioning integration. Benefit from our expertise in the area of integration between SAP ERP and SAP CX as well as in SAP Business Partner implementation.

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Monitoring Package for Certification Management

business people group with young adults and senior on meeting at modern bright office interior.Manage your certificates for SAP system landscapes in SAP Integration Suite

Digital certificates play an important role in ensuring a smooth and secure flow of information in the enterprise. Thanks to the Monitoring Package for Certification Management, expired certificates are a thing of the past. The responsible employees are informed about outdated certificates before they expire and thus have the opportunity to replace them with new certificates.

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Administration Package for SAP Sales Cloud

Administration Package for SAP Sales Cloud | IBsolutionFix broken integrations and establish a reliable tooling to ensure system copies

Our Administration Package for SAP Sales Cloud is the ideal solution for fixing broken integrations. It allows full flexibility in maintaining customer-specific scenarios outside the standard and saves IT valuable time for more important tasks. We not only provide a thorough analysis of the existing integration, but also use appropriate flexible iFlows that fit the identified issues and restore a smooth integration.

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SAP Business Technology Platform | IBsolution
Basis for the intelligent enterprise

SAP Business Technology Platform

With applications on SAP Business Technology Platform, so-called cloud extensions, companies extend the capabilities of their SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA without having to intervene in the basic functionalities of their digital core. The ERP system remains the central system for ensuring core processes, but can be extended agilely and effectively with the latest innovations without any concerns.
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SAP Extension Suite | IBsolution
Extending the digital core of the ERP system

SAP Extension Suite

SAP Extension Suite offers functionalities as well as technical services and business services to simplify the development and extension of applications and to support users in the creation of cloud extensions. The extensions are technically decoupled from SAP S/4HANA and can be implemented independently of the ERP core.
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Starter Package for SAP Business Technology Platform | IBsolution
Right strategy for extensions and integration

Starter Package for SAP Business Technology Platform

We support you with comprehensive strategic consulting on SAP Business Technology Platform. Together, we analyze and develop which extension and integration strategies based on SAP Extension Suite and SAP Integration Suite are suitable for you.
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We analyse your architecture, point out migration paths, implement sustainable interfaces and replace old interface solutions with new standardised solutions.


Multiple integration scenarios

Not all integration is the same. It takes place on different domains (see figure). In order to implement truly end-to-end processes, these different domains must be taken into account. Systems, data, applications and people must be integrated.

With the help of SAP Integration Suite, companies have the opportunity to realize this diverse integration efficiently and quickly. In addition to best practices, SAP Integration Suite also provides standard content and documentation.

Due to the increasing use of cloud applications and the consumption of services outside the on-premise system landscape, cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud integration is becoming more and more necessary. SAP Integration Suite natively supports this requirement, providing a wide range of benefits:

  • Seamless integration with SAP and non-SAP software solutions such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, and more

  • Easy and intelligent management and publishing of APIs

  • Integration and compatibility with most on-premise applications (standard content, standard adapters, continuous delivery of additional content)

  • Self-service integration for end users

  • Ability to build in complex transformation logic for data mapping and transformation

  • Real-time monitoring with instant notification and recovery options in the cloud



SAP API Management: Seamless access to APIs in heterogeneous landscapes

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programming interfaces for applications. They are a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. APIs are particularly important because they dictate how developers must build new applications that will access large web services and social networks.

APIs facilitate interaction by selectively exposing certain functionality so that different applications, websites, and devices can communicate effectively with each other.

API-ManagementSAP API Management is a new, multifaceted product in the SAP portfolio. It is part to an SAP initiative to create a more open and agile enterprise by moving toward an “API-first methodology”.

SAP API Management is intended to complement the SAP API Business Hub in terms of providing secure, managed governance for API usage.

In light of this radical shift in operations, many questions arise around APIs and API Management.

API-Management 02

API Management is about the process of publishing, promoting, and monitoring APIs in a secure and scalable way. SAP API Management provides secure management of APIs based on open standards such as SOAP, REST, and OData, and provides enterprise-grade security. This simplifies the way developers approach integration with their SAP and non-SAP applications and reduces costs to drive innovation and participate in the larger API economy.

API-Management 03


API Management functionalities

Develop APIs

APIs can be defined and published using the API portal. The API portal offers the possibility to configure systems as well as to create, publish, analyze and test APIs.

Publish APIs

A product is a collection of APIs and contains company-specific metadata for monitoring and analysis. Instead of publishing APIs individually, they can be bundled into a product and then published. The product is published to a catalog that is available to application developers.

Analyze APIs

API Management has comprehensive analysis functions. For this purpose, the API Analytics Server uses the runtime data of the APIs. They are collected, evaluated and displayed as diagrams or KPIs.

Consume APIs

The API Business Hub is a platform provided to application developers for consuming APIs. It provides the opportunity to introduce application developers to the topic, explore and test APIs, and build their own applications using the APIs.

Monetize APIs

With the help of SAP API Management, it is possible to generate revenue through the use of APIs (monetization). As an administrator, rate plans can be created for products from the API Business Hub. Billing details of individual developers can be viewed in the API Portal − based on product usage.


Pre-packaged integration content

Technology landscapes are increasingly hybrid and heterogeneous, with some systems and products sourced from the cloud and others on-premise. SAP user companies expect the various products and software solutions to work together seamlessly out of the box to enable connected digital experiences across omnichannel activities. But with SAP’s growing product portfolio and vision of the intelligent enterprise, where end-to-end processes are enabled by a combination of products, it’s easy for companies to lose sight of the bigger picture.

With the ever-increasing heterogeneity of IT landscapes, integration should be the top strategic priority for enterprises in the digital age.

Integration is the key that bridges the gaps between individual systems and offers companies the promising opportunity to become smart enterprises and create exactly the connected digital experiences their customers want.

Best-practice scenarios facilitate integration

SAP delivers comprehensive pre-packaged integration content to help you get started quickly. These integration packages consist of the integration scenarios most commonly used and needed by users. For example, these include integration flows, value mappings, documentation, etc. By using this content, you can get started right away with minimal effort from the integration developer.


As a component of SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Integration Suite is a combination of applications, tools, integration scenarios and products that work together in the sense of complete integration − regardless of whether SAP, non-SAP, on-premise, cloud or hyperscaler. In this way, SAP Integration Suite makes it possible for companies to digitize their E2E processes and make their organization more connected and intelligent.

APIs and pre-packaged integrations of SAP shorten development times

  • Out-of-the-box integration: 2000+ pre-built integration flows, 150+ value mappings

  • APIs: 1500+ APIs from SAP and from partners

  • Open Connectors: 170+ connectors to third-party applications

  • Integration Content Advisor: machine learning to simplify integrations

SAP Integration Suite

With SAP Integration Suite, you can extend the capabilities of the standard integration content provided by SAP. This approach enables you to implement specific integration scenarios relevant to your business use case without changing SAP’s standard content.

SAP (or SAP partners) provide pre-packaged integration content (standard content) that covers a variety of integration requirements. This content typically consists of a set of integration flows, value mappings, and other integration artifacts that cover a standard integration use case.

If you want to customize these features to meet specific business requirements, you can directly edit and modify the corresponding integration flows that are included in the standard integration package. However, this is not recommended due to the following disadvantages:

  • You will not receive any further updates to the modified standard integration content.

  • If you copy the updated standard package from the SAP Integration Content Catalog to the design workspace of your client, you will overwrite any changes you have made to this package.

To avoid such negative impact, we recommend that you decouple the modifications that are required for your specific business scenario from the standard content that SAP provides.

To support this pattern, SAP Integration Suite has specific concepts and functions. Using these features, an organization can specify requirements in one or more custom integration flows without tangentially affecting integration flows from the standard content. Both the standard and custom integration flows are deployed on the same tenant and processed together, communicating with each other via a special adapter (ProcessDirect adapter).


Custom integration

Not every use case has standard content that can be used. Sometimes a company deliberately wants to deviate from the standard or the standard is not sufficient for a specific overall scenario.

For such cases, we have extensive experience from numerous integration projects and can provide the best possible support. If desired, we can also take over the complete management of your customized project.

Thanks to our close partnership with SAP, we realize ideal solutions that have only a low risk for later scaling and adaptation and are in line with SAP roadmaps and SAP product management.

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Integration of SAP CX solutions with ERP systems

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