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Additional measures for greater safety

Authentication in cloud system landscapes

SAP Identity Authentication (IAS) is available as a cloud service on SAP Business Technology Platform. This enables all user authentication requirements to be implemented in cloud system landscapes. The main advantage of SAP IAS is the native integration of cloud applications as target systems. This makes it much easier to connect cloud applications for authentication. The use of the SAML protocol for authentication enables flexible integration of identity providers such as Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) or Microsoft Azure AD.

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SAP Identity Authentication can be used to implement different authentication solutions. However, the ideal solution is to implement single sign-on (SSO), which gives users secure access to all configured target systems with a single logon.


  • Integration of one or more identity providers

  • Single sign-on for connected cloud systems

  • Multi-factor authentication and risk-based access control for a higher level of security

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In the long term, SAP Identity Authentication will replace the on-premise solution SAP Single Sign-On. This is based on SAP NetWeaver technology, which is currently only supported until 2027. A major advantage of SAP IAS is the simple configuration within the cloud and in connection with cloud systems.

For additional security

Multi-factor authentication

To achieve a higher level of security, it is suitable to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). This prompts the user to use another authentication factor when logging in, for example an RSA token or a code sent via SMS.

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Risk Based Access Control

Another feature of SAP IAS is Risk Based Access Control. It offers the possibility to secure certain accesses in a special way based on specific characteristics. For example, access from a specific network (outside the corporate network) or access by a specific group of people (e.g., administrators).

One conceivable scenario could therefore be to activate single sign-on within the corporate network and to enforce multi-factor authentication for access from outside the corporate network in addition to single sign-on (see graphic).

The SAP Cloud Identity portfolio


SAP Identity Authentication (SAP IAS)

  • Single sign-on for browser-based applications (cloud and on-premise)

  • Different authentication options

  • Different user store integration scenarios


SAP Identity Provisioning (SAP IPS)

  • Cloud-based service for identity lifecycle management

  • Manage users, roles, and groups in cloud and hybrid landscapes

  • Based on the SCIM industry standard

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance (SAP IAG)

  • Centralized management of risk and compliance for on-premise and cloud

  • Reduced role management complexity through streamlined design and governance

  • Policy-driven workflow processes for access management and certification

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