MVV Energie: Transparent reporting


With the help of IBsolution, MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH has a central IT platform for its reporting. The project succeeded in implementing a superordinate reporting platform for the existing heterogeneous system landscape of around 40 companies. This provides those involved with a clear view of all management-relevant data − at the push of a button and in a uniform portal interface.



“We are now much more flexible and have a much more transparent reporting system. This helps us to further develop our business management processes and strengthen sales.”

Michael Ludwig, Managing Director MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH



The liberalized energy market is characterized by fierce competition to help consumers obtain the most favorable terms possible. Energy suppliers are required to handle their business processes efficiently and ensure smooth operations in order to maintain their position in the market. Against this background, MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH decided to set up a central IT platform for commercial reporting that reliably covers all areas of the company.

The challenge here: As part of MVV Energie AG, MVV Energiedienstleistungen consists of around 40 companies that work on different SAP platforms with independent clients and with non-SAP products. This resulted in an abundance of data that made comparisons and holistic decisions difficult. For this reason, MVV commissioned 24/7 IT-Services GmbH − the company’s own IT service provider − to implement a higher-level reporting platform for the heterogeneous system landscape, thus clearing the way for integrated reporting.

IBsolution supported 24/7 IT-Services GmbH in this project with the expertise of its experienced consultants from the field of systems integration, who are also considered specialists in business processes in the energy industry. “We wanted to create a way for the collected data to be freely analyzed and evaluated,” says Ulf Dunker, managing director of 24/7 IT-Services GmbH. “This includes meaningful reports on the balance sheet, income statement, sales, and open receivables and payables.”

How data becomes valuable information

In the past, the data used by accountants, controllers and payroll staff in the various companies was only transferred to a higher-level reporting system to a limited extent. The processes were too inconsistent and the data was not compatible. As a result, projects could not be completed quickly − especially because much of the information was only available with a time lag. As a result, the individual department employees had to exchange and coordinate information again and again, which meant additional time and expense.

With SAP Business Warehouse, a central platform was created that bundles all business information under one roof. This also includes the appropriate interface for companies that do not work with SAP software. With the help of SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), these cross-system business processes can be realized and systems from different manufacturers can be connected. “SAP PI is based on an open architecture and provides MVV with services that are indispensable in a heterogeneous and complex system landscape,” explains René Stöttinger, Head of SAP Applications at 24/7 IT-Services GmbH.

Determine, prepare and present control-relevant information

Today, MVV Energiedienstleistungen compiles data from the various ERP systems every month to determine open receivables and payables. In the process, MVV benefits decisively from the mail-controlled data upload, which runs automatically in the background. Companies that do not use SAP software deliver their data by means of so-called flat files via e-mail. All master and transaction data is automatically harmonized using complex logic and derivations in the transformation layer of SAP Business Warehouse. “Using precise mappings, we now map uniform cost types, item plans or the profit center,” explains Claudio Popa, project manager at IBsolution. “This enables full consolidation and accurate reporting across all companies, both commercially and technically.”

The reports are provided using Crystal Report. This software from the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio offers comprehensive reporting functions. It allows MVV to format and graphically prepare information, analyze data, and link them together. “We are now much more flexible and have a much more transparent reporting system. This helps us to further develop our business management processes and strengthen sales,” adds Michael Ludwig, Managing Director of MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH. Last but not least, the project team developed a secure authorization concept that grants individual rights to each MVV employee, thus enabling personalized access to relevant data.

All in all, thanks to the central reporting system and the uniform portal interface, MVV Energiedienstleistungen has access to all the key business data of its 40 or so companies at the touch of a button. “In this way, we can present all internal processes transparently and significantly reduce our administrative workload,” says Michael Ludwig, drawing a positive conclusion.

Trustful cooperation

In addition to the integrated reporting project, numerous other projects were realized between 24/7 IT-Services GmbH and IBsolution. The reason: a trusting and open dialog between all parties involved. “This makes the consulting business really fun. It’s a great feeling to be asked by the customer for advice on other topics as well, as a central contact person. I have rarely experienced such a harmonious interaction of people and topics,” says Tim Merkle, account manager at IBsolution.



“The new platform enables us to provide centralized and transparent reporting that is aligned to the principles of integrated reporting. With little effort, we thus gain crucial insights into the work in our companies. By integrating all modules, we also significantly reduce our operating costs.”

Dr. Ulf Dunker, Managing Director, 24/7 IT Services GmbH