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We at IBsolution GmbH are already a diverse company and feel the resulting benefits every day. 

Our employees enjoy the exchange in their diverse teams and beyond that in the whole company. Due to the uniqueness of each individual, we gain many different perspectives, which always lead to new paths in projects. Because this topic is so important to us, we actively promote diversity and the appreciation of all facets in addition to our inclusive corporate culture.  

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Diversity and its dimensions

Grafik diversity EnglischDiversity is not limited to nationality or women in leadership positions, diversity has many other dimensions. It can be both visible and not recognizable at first glance.

As a member of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V., we are guided by seven core dimensions of diversity. These include age, ethnic origin and nationality, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, gender and gender identity as well as social origin.

We want to specifically advocate for and promote all of these dimensions.

Member of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V.

Logo Charta der VielfaltThe Diversity Charter promotes diversity and its recognition and appreciation in the world of work. As a member of this initiative, we are part of creating an open working environment without bias in Germany. 

By signing the charter, we as a company commit ourselves to promoting and advocating diversity. At our company, every single employee is valued, regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, religion and ideology, gender and gender identity and social origin.

Every year, we participate in the German Diversity Day to make a statement for diversity. Our actions range from the creation of an international cookbook, for which our employees compiled recipes from all over the world, to the joint design of a diversity hoodie, and to our #StandUpForDiversity initiative that symbolizes equality for all.

Promoting diversity and creating a respectful, appreciative, and prejudice-free corporate culture is close to our hearts. We will continue to work for this with full conviction.

What diversity means for us


Due to demographic change, the dimension "age" is of great importance.

The cooperation of young and old brings together different levels of experience, mindsets and approaches. In this way, versatile approaches can be developed in the mixed teams. Older colleagues can benefit from younger colleagues and vice versa.  

Ethnic origin & nationality

Our staff and the individual teams are already very colourful in terms of ethnic origin and nationality. Our employees perceive this diversity, as do we as employers, as very positive and enriching. 

The language and cultural knowledge in our company is constantly growing and we all learn something new from each other.

Sexual orientation

Everyone's sexual orientation is, of course, a private matter. Nevertheless, the topic can also arise at work, for example, when people talk about the weekend during a coffee break or when employees get to know each other more personally at company parties.  

If the norm of the employees automatically assumes heterosexual partnerships, this situation can be difficult for employees with a different sexual orientation. Therefore, it is essential to create an open working atmosphere in the company.  

Physical and mental abilities

An appreciative and open culture is also key in this dimension. Employees with physical or mental disabilities do not have to hide them, but are supported in their abilities.  

Barrier-free accessibility is a prerequisite for being accessible to all people. Our company locations are barrier-free and thus do not pose an obstacle for people with physical disabilities.

Religion & ideology

Due to the large number of nationalities, many different religions and ideologies come together in our company.  

In order to meet the resulting different needs, the food offerings at company celebrations, for example, are so varied that no one is faced with difficulties in choosing food.

Gender & gender identity

Equal rights for all gender identities and their equal recognition are an important part of our working climate.   

Salaries are, of course, based on the jobs themselves and not on the gender identity of the applicants.   

Our employees make equal use of their parental leave and our offer of a part-time model, regardless of their gender. We are happy to support them in their different life situations.

Social origin

Social background often influences schooling and also labour market opportunities. Regardless of whether employees with a low level of education receive further training in the company or have already experienced social advancement before joining, they are as much a part of our teams as anyone else.   

They can also have access to a wide range of target groups and may be able to relate more easily to people from all social backgrounds.

Colleagues Diversity

"We welcome everyone to IBsolution GmbH to make our teams even more diverse than they already are today. We welcome all kinds of diversity and look forward to receiving your application."

Manuela Eggensperger, Head of Human Resources


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