Implement the 3G rule in your company in compliance with the law by using our app and protect the health of your employees and the reputation of your company

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Verification of vaccination and testing certificates



Storage of data in compliance with data protection



Compliance with the legal corona regulations


Apply the 3G rule effectively in companies

Since November 24, 2021, the 3G rule in the workplace has been in force throughout Germany: only employees who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative have access to a company. The aim of the nationwide rule is to ensure better protection in the work environment.

Companies are required by law to apply the 3G rule and to fully document their compliance. Depending on the size of the company, this means a significant additional effort to organize the inspection and document compliance with the applicable regulations.

The INCEMENDO.cov_check app enables companies to fully comply with their legal obligations. It provides the appropriate functionalities to capture and validate digital vaccination, recovery and testing certificates (EU Digital COVID Certificate). The storage of the captured data is fully compliant with data protection regulations.

Optionally, it is possible to integrate INCEMENDO.cov_check with existing Identity Management systems (e.g. SAP Identity Management) and HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors. In this way, employees can use the app to independently provide the required proof and thereby obtain their access authorization to the company site. The entire process is fully automated. In addition to saving a considerable amount of time, this scenario also ensures that only authorized employees are granted access to the company.

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  • Capture and validation of digital vaccination, recovery and test certificates (EU Digital COVID Certificate)

  • GDPR-compliant storage and encryption of data

  • Fulfillment of all verification and documentation requirements

  • Secure compliance with current corona regulations

  • Effective health protection in the workplace

  • Powerful app based on SAP Business Technology Platform

  • Optional: flexible connection of the app to other systems (for example, Identity Management or HR)

With INCEMENDO.cov_check, companies easily and securely fulfill their extensive testing and documentation obligations associated with 3G regulation in the workplace. In this way, they make an important contribution to employee health protection and protect themselves from fines and image damage as a result of violations of the legal corona regulations.

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Valid certificate


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Price per User


Optional one time setup fee: 5,000 EUR

Adaptations (optional)

upon request


System requirements:
You need a productive Global Account on SAP Business Technology Platform and a subaccount with Cloud Foundry runtime.
Further required services are:
SAP HANA Cloud or alternatively a PostgreSQL database, e.g. at a hyperscaler
SAP Launchpad Service or SAP Cloud Portal Service
SAP Application Logging (Lite)
SAP Cloud Identity Services − Identity Authentication

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